The Egyptian ADR Association shall endeavor to offer the types of services that are in line with its objectives, which include:

• Providing an online and offline list of     independent mediators and other dispute     resolution practitioners accredited by the     EAA.
  • Providing referrals to mediators and other dispute resolution practitioners on request through The Egyptian ADR Association.
  • Providing advice and assistance in developing specialist panels of mediators to meet the needs of particular industries and organizations.
  • Facilitating/organizing negotiations, mediations, conciliations, and any other similar ADR processes.
  • Designing in-house dispute resolution and complaint handling systems for business entities.
  • Operating a pro bono mediation service for parties in need of financial aid.
  • Training in key areas of dispute resolution at introductory, basic and advanced levels.
  • Accrediting mediators on the basis of a competency-based assessment process.
  • Publishing a regular newsletter/journal “The ADR companion” which provides resourceful information on all aspects of ADR and EAA news.
  • Providing resources for mediators and clients, including standard ADR agreements and clauses for inclusion in contracts and agreements.
  • Supporting professional networking amongst dispute resolution professionals through national and regional conferences and events on a regular basis.
  • Organizing and hosting a biennial international conference on ADR.
  • Liaising with other ADR organizations on national, regional, and global level.
  • Promoting the utilization of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Preparing research and reports on ADR.
  • Organizing ADR public awareness campaigns and reaching out to organizations and sectors which could benefit from ADR.
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