About Us

The Egyptian ADR was founded in 2007 at the initiative of Dr. Khaled El Shalakany the managing partner of Shalakany Law Office.

The Egyptian ADR Association is grateful for the financial and logistical support provided since its establishment by Shalakany Law Office.

The Egyptian ADR Association at a Glance

Recognizing the indispensability of promoting the culture of alternative dispute resolution as the business community’s preferred choice for the amicable settlement of disputes; Noting that such dispute resolution scheme, referred to by expressions such as assisted negotiations, conciliation, and mediation and expressions of similar import, are increasingly used in international and domestic commercial practice as an alternative to the adversarial process.

Considering that the use of such dispute resolution schemes results in significant benefits, such as swift solutions, reducing the instances where a dispute leads to the termination of a commercial relationship, facilitating low cost settlements, offering affordable fair alternatives to community such as consumers and employees etc…, and realizing considerable saving in the administration of justice process;

Convinced that the establishment of The Egyptian ADR Association contributes to the promotion the alternative dispute resolution culture and raises public awareness with respect to the feasibility and efficiency of such schemes and processes; in an attempt to maintain the development of harmonious and conflict-free economic and business relations; and

Believing in the role alternative dispute resolution schemes could play, and the need for capacity building by training and setting up a roster of able dispute resolution professionals;

The Founding Members have established the EAA to best serve the Egyptian business needs for effective alternative methods for dispute resolution.

The Egyptian ADR Association aims at developing a base of professional mediators and conciliators to serve the business community in Egypt and other countries in the region. For this purpose the association provides training at all levels of skills from basic courses through to advanced workshops and continuing professional development.

The Egyptian ADR Association’s membership is not exclusive to Egyptian professionals, but is open to first class practitioners and individuals from all over the world who possess the necessary skills and knowledge of ADR processes, techniques, and undertake to abide by the Association’s model standards of conducts and code of ethics.

According, The Egyptian ADR Association’s message and services transcend national boundaries to serve the whole region.

Our Objectives

The Egyptian ADR Association aims to:
  • Serve the community by promoting and facilitating the development, acceptance and usage of ADR.
  • Promote education and research in ADR.
  • Disseminate information relating to ADR for the benefit of members and the community at large.
  • Provide simple and effective access to dispute resolution professionals.
  • Assist organization in developing effective grievance and compliant handling procedures.
  • Ensure excellence in the delivery of ADR solutions to our region through training, accreditation and development of a national standard for practitioners.
  • Maintain high quality and efficient ADR schemes.
  • Train practitioners and individual.
  • Establish a trusted ADR community and culture in the whole region.
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